Tactics and strategies in Crazy Time game

In this section, consider Crazy Time's winning strategies. Let's figure out in more detail what bet options the gemblers use and what the advantages of each scheme are. Do not forget about the presence of risk, when earning at an online casino, it is necessary to maintain the proper level of responsibility.

Crazy Time statistics

The "Watch and Wait" model of play helps to produce virtually limitless winnings. The scheme is based on generating personal statistics, entering the session at the right time.

Crazy Time's "Watch & Wait" strategy

All rounds can be divided into cold and hot. It is advisable to base your analysis on the statistics for the last 50 spins. A bonus round can be triggered every 6-7 spins. You must enter the game at the time of the most likely to hit the bonuses. Once entered, it is necessary to wait for additional rounds to be released, regardless of variance.

Crazy Time's tactic "Success in Caution"

75% of spins allow wagering the minimum bet. By using the multiplier on the top display can increase the size of the game by a factor of tens. As a result, standard betting becomes an excellent way to dramatically increase the size of the bankroll. The likelihood of losing is also one of the lowest in this scenario.

Crazy Time's "Risk that justifies the cost" tactic

The gambler will have to cover as many sectors of the reel as possible with bets. The result is an increase in the chances of a bonus game being played. As a result, a person opens up the opportunity to earn endlessly.

Crazy Time's "Fortune's bold favourites" tactic

The game model involves making big bets on the bonus rounds. Regular games in this scenario can be ignored. Deposits on small sectors are not spent, which allows you to earn more. The scheme is dangerous, requiring a sizeable starting capital.

Martingale strategy

Many gemblers employ Martingale's popular "standard" tactics. To start, you need to acquire a large deposit. You should make a bet on all 4 bonus elements. You need to put the same amounts. When losing a round, the next time you must place the double bet.